"how will i explain gay couples to my children”

if you can explain to your children that an immortal man in a red suit who lives in the north pole travels around the entire world on one night every year on a sleigh carried by magical flying deer i think itll be easy enough to tell them two people are in love

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lol 13 year olds shouldnt be on tumblr

neither should 14 year olds

or 15 yr olds….16yr olds„ 17, 18,19, 20 yr olds,


nobody should be on tumblr

horrible website

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Anonymous asked:

I am so sad I can't move, I feel it all over my body

rose, flowering Answer:


i get like that a lot, like a really dull sadness that makes my body feel so heavy and makes me so uninspired to even get up. sometimes i sit in one place and i’m like “okay, i need to move right now” and two hours pass and i can’t even believe it. it’s so crazy.

here’s a cool thing, though. try getting up and jumping around and shaking it all off you, just really jump around like an idiot and move a lot all at once. when you’re done try and do one small chore before bed tonight. tidy up your room, clean your bedsheets, do some dishes, just pick something and actually finish it. accomplishing something, even something so small, even something that took fifteen minutes, can make you feel so much better. 

when you’re actually up and working, you’ll often find that you actually want to keep going. you want to clean more, accomplish more, do more. the hardest part is finding the ambition to start.

now get up and shake around a little. 



“Carrying a single bag, the young man is traveling alone at his whim with no particular destination in mind. He goes by train and gets off at any stop that arouses his interest. He takes a room, sees the sights, and stays as long as he likes. When he has had enough, he boards another train.”

– Haruki Murakami, 1Q84

I wish I could live like this.. Honestly

me on my days off back when I lived in a city

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now I just drive aimlessly all weekend


why is it that when dylan sprouse and calum hood had nudes leaked everyone praised how well they handled it and attacked those who leaked them, but when over 50 female celebrities have nudes leaked, the hacker responsible is called a ‘hero’ and the victims are called ‘sluts’ and ‘whores’

oh wait

i know why

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wait for it this is why we need feminism


being called annoying is literally the worst thing ever because then you’re scared to ever say or do anything again and you end up isolating yourself because you think everyone hates you and you feel insecure about everything. long story short pls dont call people annoying

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I get really nervous using my cool stickers for things like what if I need this sticker later I won’t have it what will I do then

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